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Underdawg OG

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Strain Name
Underdawg OG
Clone Only
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~63 days
Available as clone only.

Aka: Underdawg OG
Aka: Underdog OG Kush
Aka: Candy Kush

Underdawg OG or Underdog OG comes from the Chem family and has been used / reproduced from different seed companies.

TH_Seeds: From the original Chemdawg family, we bring you the newest feminized only strain for the back garden grower. Along side the OG Kush and the Sour D, UnderDawg OG has big frosty, Kushy buds.

Loompa: Underdog OG is one of our flagship clones. This clone is not in circulation. The defining characteristic, beyond the standard OGK, is in the medicinal effects. Itís similar to other OGs with the strong body stone. This particular OG clone also hits with a strong sativa head high blended with a strong indica body stone. This rare combination creates a strong pain alleviating effect. It can be overwhelming for those not smoking regularly. Smoking this strain during the day can often end your day immediately.

Gage Green Genetics: we obtained our cut through a series of trades with Loompa

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