Cannabis Strain Lists

All known cannabis / marijuana varieties and hybrids at a glance.

You do not like to search? You only like to find something? OK, look at this: Here you are able to order the cannabis-strains onto different ways. If that should not be sufficient for you, we recommend our more than extensive search with a lots of extra options.

Show all cannabis-strains in an alphabetically list:

Autoflowering Strains

Here you will find an overview about all the auto-flowering cannabis-varieties which are listed in the SeedFinder! The flower of this automatic flowering cannabis strains - mostly Hybrids of Ruderalis - depends on the age rather than the photoperiod.

CBD Rich Varieties

Within the last years more and more CBD rich cannabis varieties came on the market. This strains, all with siginificant amounts of CBD, can appear with various cannabinoid proportions - some even have only minimal amounts of THC. Here you can find this varieties in our database!

Pure strains & landraces

In order to allow the display of cannabis-varieties with a special origin and the search for hybrids with certain landraces, we have established a separate category for this varieties who are not available in this form. All strains in our database are - as far as we know - associated with these dummy-varieties. Currently the output is still quite simple, but its a good starting point if you're looking for hybrids.

Clone Only Strains

Varieties which are only available as cuttings (Clone Only Strains) are listed separately here.

Unknown & Legendary Strains

We also show seperated all the "unknown" and legendary cannabis strains. This we need for the genetic connections, but for a lot of them there is no detailed information. Here we also locate some dummys like unknown skunk or haze, varieties from unknown breeders and so on.

Flowering Times

The flowering time is indicated differently by each breeder - you can find it in weeks, in days, times with more- and times with less clearance. We took the average in days (the manufacturer data) for our computations, but one should consider nevertheless: We talk about plants, and not about machines. Some times it needs some days more - and another time it goes little bit faster ;)

days (+/- 3 days)