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Northern Lights #1

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Strain Name
Northern Lights #1
The Seed Bank
indoor, outdoor
~53 days
No feminized seeds.

NL #1 is a true-breeding Afghani, with extreme Indica characteristics. These are short, stocky plants, with leathery, dark green, extremely broad leaves. The stems ere very strong, and it is easy to clone. As the seedlings generally tend to grow to one main stem, this is an excellent choice for the "Sea of Green" or "Small Plant" method. Resinous, potent, and sweet, not nasty and acrid like some Afghanis. Very vigorous end cold resistant, works well outdoors with a long season.

Indoor height at 100 days: 40-50 inches.
Indoor yield at 100 days: up to 1000 grams.
Flowering period at 12 hours of darkness: 50-55 days.
Outdoor height: 5-7 ft.
Outdoor yield: 1,5-2 Ibs.
Outdoor finishing date: October 15 at 45 N. latitude.

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