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Strain: Joseph
Breeder: Gage Green
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: unknown
No feminized seeds.

Gage Green Genetics - Joseph

Joseph is a 'bag seed' male pheno found in a batch of Underdawg OG. For GGG this pheno has proven himself to be a superior model to introduce into the cannabis gene pool. Through careful pollen renderings, Joseph has passed many of his fine qualities on to future generations. The first things we think about when we talk about Joseph is his smell, potency, and strong structure and vigor. Our extensive in house and public testing of hybrid offspirng have shown to have some great results.

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From a GGG post "Joseph was a seed from an Underdawg harvest. We were growing a lot of different crosses in the yard and some stray pollen created mixed seeds in our females. Joseph was technically an Underdawg bastard/bagseed. We selected the most OG and diesel dominant traits and found the most pronounced smells and immunity on the Joseph"


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