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This project borns after several years of study and research with this master plant using different techniques of breeding and reproduction. Most of this information has been published on Spanish speech forums, for example the detailed feminizing technique and all kind of growing and reproduction techniques published on our bankīs official forum http://www.laabuelaverde.com, For years we have raised and selected the Top specimens from the worldīs best varieties, all of them with several cups on their backs, with the goal of finding the best genetic combinations in order to have a product of the highest quality and always maintaining other aspects as high production and resistance to pests and diseases., When reproducing our seeds we make it early, when the plant still haves a few flowers. With this system we obtain a lower seeds production, but them maturate better and produce more vigorous plants. Many breeders try to obtain the maximum seeds that a plant can produce, often overmadurating the plants almost to the point of plantīs natural death, they get exaggerated productions, but seeds do not ripen properly losing force in a % of the plants and drastically shortening the time of seed viability., To produce our seeds we use nutrients made by ourselves ensuring the health of both plants and seeds., Do not underestimate our seeds for having prices that are cheaper than majority. We want to offer the best quality at the best price without spending much money on advertising, expensive packaging, last generation web sites, etc...