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breeder visits Indica or Sativa? Indoor or Outdoor? Flowering time in days Female seeds? User-Votings
Automatic AK47 Lowlife Seeds 1089833 ruderalis/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 56
AK47 Serious Seeds 582889 mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 58
Super Lemon Haze Green House Seeds 437653 mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 67
Jack Herer Sensi Seeds 428651 indica/sativa Indoor 60
Super Silver Haze Green House Seeds 427412 mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 74
L.S.D. Barneys Farm 407534 mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 63
White Russian Serious Seeds 384924 mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 58
Super Skunk Sensi Seeds 383321 mostly indica Indoor, Greenhouse 48
The Church Green House Seeds 356779 indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 63
Chronic Serious Seeds 349657 indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 60


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