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Strain: 4 Best 4 You
Breeder: Pitt Bully
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~60 days
Only female seeds.

Pitt Bully - 4 Best 4 You

Polyhybrid created from the four best genetics in the world: White Widow, Skunk, Northern Lights, Haze. This plant has the force of the Northern Lights, resin of the White Widow, flower formation of the Skunk and the power of the Haze, united in a very balanced polihíbrido tamed.
Plant suitable for commercial grower or the grower gourmet. Ideal for monocultures, getting a touch on each copy of each gene set, while maintaining a uniform garden.

THC: 15-21%
Effect: Relaxed, mental
Size: int: 75cm. ext: 200 cm
Yield: int: 450g.m2 ext: 800g.
Flowering: 60 days.
Vegetative interior: 30 days
Outdoor Sowing: Hemisphere-N: April-June-S Hemisphere: October-December
Outdoor harvest: Hemisphere-N: October Hemisphere-S: April

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