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Triple Deez

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Strain Name
Triple Deez
Cabin Fever
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~68 days
No feminized seeds.

This was a cross I made, because of a friends picture I had seen on the web of "Sour Turbo" (Double Sour Diesel x ECSD) and it blew me away, I had just transplanted a half dozen of them the day before. So, I found a very short & stout ST male and pollinated my Advanced seeds "Black Diesel" I had running at the time. The black diesel had a very nice canopy when topped and grew very easily. so I knew they would be good mothers.

This plant stays on the shorter side, about 50% stretch, branches very well, yields very nicely (so it's great for small areas) and gets extreme colas every once in a while, I mean big solid soda bottles, very hearty and stress resistant. High calyx to leaf ratio and great trichome production, very low odor when growing, but pure diesel when cured. This plant finishes around 66 - 70 days of flowering.

Medical benefits include relief from Headaches, ADD, Anxiety and Stress, Chronic pain, MS, Movement Disorders (Parkinson, Dystonia), almost any ailment will benefit from this potent diesel mix.

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