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Masala OG

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Official Information / Basics about Masala OG from Lady Sativa Genetics

Strain Name
Masala OG
Lady Sativa Genetics
indoor, outdoor
~60 days
No feminized seeds.

Masala is a word used in South East Asia, mainly India and Bangladesh, it is a mixture or herbs and spices to make a special blend used for Asian Cooking, we at Team LSG aka (Masala Boyz) have made our own special masala using our Hightimes award winning indica Knightsbridge OG and pollinating her with one of the most stinkiest resinous males we have ever come across in our years of growing Chem91(f2) male from old skool breeder (Elite Genetics).
Masala OG is an extremly pungent hybrid with a heavy hitting high, super gassy fuel OG that will leave stoner devistated and foaming from the mouth for hours…lol.

Genetics: KnightsBridge OG X Chem91
Type: Hybrid
Sex: Regular
Flowering: 55 – 65 days
Height: Short to Medium
Area: Indoor or Outdoor

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