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Strain: Klock-Werkz Orangez
Breeder: Bean Boyz Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~67 days
No feminized seeds.

Bean Boyz Genetics - Klock-Werkz Orangez

Now that I had two quality female Agent Orange plants to select from, one went to create "T.O.Phosphate," the other, because of so much pressure on me... WAS NOT BRED TOO! I simply over looked! But this isn't the disaster that it might have been. She was really a sweet looking and smelling marijuana plant. When smok'n her months later I discovered 4 beanz in 4 ozs of herb. They were identical in shape size color. Here's what happened:

The Mammas: Of the 4 seeds I found, only two popped, but what plants they turned out to be! They were twin sisters. They grew like lush Xmas trees, with impressive, huge wide leaves, sport’n a wonderful emerald green color, and a slightly orangish odor in the early mornings. I will bred to these FOR SURE! I named them, “Real Orange Juicez.”All summer long they were jess the most spectacular looking plants that loved the sunshine.Whom would be the daddy? In the end (ROJ) smoked very nice to be sure. One was slightly better than her sister when considering resin production and taste. She’s the ONE. I became lecherous when viewing her! In breeding plants the hardest thing for me is the waiting! It paid off.

Now I want to cross her with an outstanding stud, and the search began.

The Daddy: To be clear, I love F-1's, okay? Now I realize that many of you out there seem to be smitten with "stabilized" strains. Here's the rub for me: They seem to lose much of their original "expressions/power" as they're reproduced year after year. I'm not a huge fan of "back crossing" either, by the way. I'd rather cross forwards. F-1's allow you to find very special examples of the genotype, referred to as "phenotype" which can be off the charts compared to stabilized cannabis strains.

I was once told by a top 5 breeder that he, "Didn't sell any weak assed, watered down stabilized strains." I'm down with that way of looking at strains, seems correct to me. Looks can be very deceiving, if you want all your plants to be identical, consider cloning as a way to achieve that? So I buy lots of F-1's off the net from breeders that seem to "get it" using Chemdawg strains in their art work. "Pepe le Chem" was just such a strain. This is the work of California based Green Gage.

Look'n through 20 PPLC plants I found a male that was simply outstanding. Pepe is a combination of Chemdawg D X MNS G13 Skunk. There were several pheno types, yet one plant was just what I'm look'n for. He's mid sized, thick stalked, with a lush foliage adorning his top. Lots of dank odors coming off him which is mandatory for me.

I ended up calling this female plant "Real Orangez Juice", or "ROJ" in my references. Crossing her with Pepe should produce some killz F-1 beanz to search through. When I've begun a few KWO to test the germ rates, they all grew look'n very impressive with super wide leaves and loads of growing power. In life it's about the search, right?

Male: Pepe Le Chem (Chemdawg D X MNS G13 Skunk)
Female: Agent Orange (Local Orange Skunk X Jack's Clearner X Space Queen)
Height: 4-5 feet, Xmas tree shaped, loves super crop'n. D.O.P.
Weight: 4-6 ozs, depending on skills, luck. Stretches during 12/12
THC: High, super resin production
Scent/taste: Creamy Skunky-Orange,fuely undertones
Bud Density: Nice tight, loads of crystal
Flowering: 9-10 weeks, DOP (Depending on Pheno)
Sativa/Indica: 50/50

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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