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Strain: Double Dutchess
Breeder: SOG Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~61 days
No feminized seeds.

SOG Seeds - Double Dutchess

SOG seeds are thrilled to present one of our finest strains, Double Duchess.
Double Duchess is a cross of two SOG seeds bests strains Double Bubble and Sweet Duchess. We decided to cross these two because of the fantastic qualities of both strains.

Sweet Duchess was chosen because of huge buds this plant can produce and its extremely smooth taste. The Double Bubble was used for its trychrome production and its powerful potency. As with all SOG's strains this is a predominantly indica plant that stretches very little during flowering and has short internodes. This lends itself to be a compact, bushy and easily manageable plant. Perfect for the beginner.

There are two distinct phenotypes. One is a bright green and the other that dark classic indica look.

Double Duchess can be taken down at six weeks but you pay dividends if left to go to seven or eight as this is when she really packs the weight on.

The aroma of Double Duchess is very similar to Bubblegum with more of a candy floss taste.

Highly recommended

Flower: 56/65 days
Smell: Fruit/Candy floss
Taste: Fruity sweet perfume
Yield: SOG 1 to 2 oz per plant. Normal method. 3 to 5 oz per plant

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