All "Acid" Strains

All Acid cannabis strains

Here you find all cannabis varieties beginning or ending with "Acid"! Altogether we found 6 Acid strains in the SeedFinder cannabis strain database, please click on the strain-names to get more information about the different Acid versions from the different breeders.

6 Acid Strains

Name of the strain breeder Indica or Sativa? Indoor or Outdoor? Flowering time in days Female seeds? User-Votings
Acid Paradise Seeds mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 65
Acid Dough Ripper Seeds mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 68
Acid Reign Ted Terpene mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 60
Acid X Pure Michigan Genetics indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 67
Auto Acid Paradise Seeds ruderalis/indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 75
Citric Acid New420Guy Seeds indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 63