All "Acid" Strains

All Acid cannabis strains

Here you find all cannabis varieties beginning or ending with "Acid"! Altogether we found 13 Acid strains in the SeedFinder cannabis strain database, please click on the strain-names to get more information about the different Acid versions from the different breeders.

13 Acid Strains

Name of the strain breeder Indica or Sativa? Indoor or Outdoor? Flowering time in days Female seeds? User-Votings
Acid Paradise Seeds mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 65
Acid Cream Hang On! Genetics indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 58
Acid Dawg Karma Genetics indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 70
Acid Dough Ripper Seeds mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 68
Acid Gum Secretfile Genetic indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 56
Acid Kush Auto Urban Legends ruderalis/indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 77
Acid Orange Grandmas Genetics indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 57
Acid Raindrops The Alchemist's Vault indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 65
Acid Reign Ted Terpene mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 60
Acid Wash – El Krem Purple City Genetics indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 74
Acid X Pure Michigan Genetics indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 67
Auto Acid Paradise Seeds ruderalis/indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 75
Citric Acid New420Guy Seeds indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 63