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From Tropical Seeds Co. we’d like to introduce ourselves to the general public totally opened.We hope you can get to know our line of work with this web,how we do it,the infrastructures where’s developed and why we’re something different within the Cannabis breeding world.

Most of our installations (greenhouses and indoors) are situated at 28ºN latitude,subtropical climate, have allowed along the time to achieve outdoor selections any season of year,a great advantage for growing this precious plant, unthinkable in other latitudes and most of the world

We got drastically reduced normal selection timespans, thanks to this climatic possibility which allows to reproduce three tropical sativas generations in just one year of outdoor work.
Particular characteristics such as rain and wind absence, an average temp of 22ºC,a powerful luminic intensity,together with a favourable photoperiod,projects us with full authority in today’s efficient structures concerning I+D’s

Our passion for big tropical sativas and benign climate have allowed us to select from thousands of specimens,some of them maybe impossible to tame in different latitudes.From this intensive but careful selection, we’re pleased to introduce you our first strains. We’ve decided to start with just a few varieties, chosen simply by their peculiar qualities,not least of them the “luxury” of offering early sativas of short flowering times,or the pleasure of growing pure sativas in virtually any latitude.Also to find hybrid vigor in several F1’s, as well as indica bybrids strains that can satisfy this cannabis type lovers, which can be completed easier in all growing methods,specially indoors.

Awaiting for everyone to benefit from our medical and collection strains, we invite you to try our new genetics, which we’d be honored for them to reach you thus allowing to share and preserve the spoils, result of many years of work preserving and improving this jewels.

Only inconvenience is the illegality attached to sending these seeds to certain countries of the world, for we’re very sorry they restrict the possibilities of legal treatment, forcing us to incur in legal offence should we send them. We advice you to get informed on your national laws regarding this before taking interest in any of the products on offer.

Last, let' us entice you to try the product of all this dedicated and time consuming work and we’re so glad we finally can offer!

From here,all members of Tropical Seeds Co want to send you a big hello.