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Name of the strain Indica or Sativa? Indoor or Outdoor? Flowering time in days Female seeds? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker User-Votings
Burgers n' Beer mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 70

More info about this breeder:

At the age of 19 Adam was diagnosed with Epilepsy. After discovering cannabis medicine he went from having nearly 8 seizures a day for several years to being completely seizure free for over 6 years thanks to cannabis alone.

What started as a life saving medicine for Adam, turned into an intense passion for spreading the message of Cannabis' potential to heal. As Adam began to travel and collect California heirloom genetics Adam learned of some breeders who’s stories truly inspired him to dedicate himself to cannabis breeding.

From the folks at Resin Seeds behind the cannatonic line, to Lawrence Ringo, The breeders who popularized and made CBD available to the world have had an incredibly overlooked impact. CBD led many people to come to accept the legalization of cannabis, if it were not for the CBD lines created by a handful of individuals cannabis would not be where it is today. After discovering the impact of cannabis breeders on the medical cannabis community Adam knew committing himself to a full-time breeding program was his path to making a difference in the lives of other patients and passionate cannabis consumers and growers. Adam is now years into developing new crosses and cultivars full time for medical patients and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

We’re proud to provide quality seeds and genetics that will change lives. Adam our founder is an extremely passionate Patient, Advocate, Ganjier in training, Cultivator and Breeder. Adam was blessed to study under Frenchy Cannoli, Kevin Jodrey, Derek Gilman, Aaron Varney, Wendy Kronberg, and so many other legacy operators and reputable figures in the cannabis community, as well as gaining the opportunity to connect with reputable folks from the Hemp community at the UC Davis hemp breeding and seed production certification course. Adam is committed to lifelong learning.

Whether he is working in the garden, advocating for patient access, giving keynote presentations to local communities and government officials, or just sharing quality flowers and seeds at a sesh, anyone who comes across Adam can tell just how passionate and committed he is to this plant. It is our goal to share these genetics and the life changing experiences cannabis can provide.

Our family has resided in San Diego County, California for nearly Eight decades. Our gardens are nestled in San Diego’s foothills just far enough from the coast to benefit from a temperate coastal micro-climate without being smothered by Pacific fog. Thank you everyone for sharing this journey with us.