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Here you can find all information about the cannabis breeder TerpyZ X KalySeeds. We've collected data about 19 Cannabis Strains breed by TerpyZ X KalySeeds. Click on the strains to find more informations, pictures, reviews, comparisons and sources for a variety - and/or check out the Breeder Info here at the page to find out more about TerpyZ X KalySeeds. Its also possible to visualize all TerpyZ X KalySeeds strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with our dynamic maps - check it out!

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Discontinued project!

TerpyZ Genetics X Kalyseeds
We are proud that most of these Mutations are the foundation of “TerpyZ Genetics X Kalyseeds”, as we always strive to show the world the diversity and beauty of the Cannabis Genus. In fact, our breeder “Kalyseeds” aka. “Dr. Kaly”, has been breeding Cannabis for about 30 years with a focus on outstanding flavour profiles, ornmental varities with never seen before leaf forms, medicinal value and potency. The resulting Gene pool is in our eyes the most unique Cannabis library in the world and will bring some fresh wind into the Cannabis industry.

Most “TerpyZ Genetics X Kalyseeds” strains are highly adapted to Outdoor environments and are exceptionally hardy in all kinds of climates, outperforming most modern hybrids. Indoors they can be more tricky to grow, similar difficult like some landrace strains. We have seen great results from some growers in indoor environments, yet Outdoors is where most of our Strains truly shine.