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Here you can find all information about the cannabis breeder Smart Plug Cultivars. We've collected data about 3 Cannabis Strains breed by Smart Plug Cultivars. Click on the strains to find more informations, pictures, reviews, comparisons and sources for a variety - and/or check out the Breeder Info here at the page to find out more about Smart Plug Cultivars. Its also possible to visualize all Smart Plug Cultivars strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with our dynamic maps - check it out!

3 Cannabis Strains

Name of the strain Indica or Sativa? Indoor or Outdoor? Flowering time in days Female seeds? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker User-Votings
Elite Jungle Cake indica/sativa Indoor 78
Junglebarz indica/sativa Indoor 78
Junglepops indica/sativa Indoor 78

More info about this breeder:

Hello! My name is Jared, and this is my legal cannabis website. I made this site in order to share my strains and other products that I use and like that contribute to what I consider to be a healthy or at least maybe a healthier lifestyle.
Anything grown is done with care and in an organic matter in order to be safe for our own use and also with respect to our irreplaceable earth.

New York has recently made it legal to possess and use cannabis without any local legal ramifications, and that is great news for everyone! We no longer have to hide our love and passion for the plant and all of it's benefits. I was not even 15 when I first realized the power from this wondrous plant, and became a lifelong supporter. Never did I think that any of us in the USA would be able to legally and openly consume cannabis, but here we are! And now it is with total pleasure that I am able to share some of my work and happy findings as I pheno hunt through numerous strains from renowned breeders and Growers alike with one goal in mind. To find the perfect strain!

I welcome and invite you all to enjoy this site, and to share your own thoughts and experiences so we can all grow as a community and go on this journey together!

Cheers! Love, peace, and happiness!