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6 Cannabis Strains

Name of the strain Indica or Sativa? Indoor or Outdoor? Flowering time in days Female seeds? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker User-Votings
Basurde Auto mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 78
Black Sakan mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 58
Burunda mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 65
Manda Haze mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 65
Original Widow mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 60
Otai Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 70

More info about this breeder:

After years of careful and thorough job of selecting and testing, We are pleased to present this feminized cannabis seeds bank, SAKAN SEEDS was created by a group of friends cannabicultors. We've spent years collecting and cultivating cannabis seeds collected and selected in various parts of the world., We do not seek a big production, we are more interested excellent quality our seeds, obtaining a homogeneity between them, while we work on getting innovative varieties., SAKAN SEEDS was created with the idea of adding new varieties and provide a rigorous and serious work to the best seeds to your hands.