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More info about this breeder:

Passion for the plant!

Og ‘Naj started growing in 2005. Soon his attention for this beautiful plant turned into passion. From 2009 he attended events such as the cannabis cup, fair and expo.

Returning from his first Cup, he decided to create his first variety of his own by crossing BubbleGum from Serious Seeds and NYC diesel from Soma. A few months later, in 2011, the Og’Naj Sour Bubble was born.

A few years later he took part in the HomeGrow Cup where he presented the Napoleon Haze. And she won first place! With all this positive feedback, he decided to launch his own seed line under the name Og ‘Naj Genetics.

Breeding starts with your own male!

Sour Rainbow is none other than Rainbow Belts from Archive Seeds crossed with KG SourD bx2 from Karma Genetics. In this just presented line of Og ‘Naj Genetics seeds you will find regular strains made with the male Sour Rainbow.

Og Naj Genetics’ first release
Organic Earth congratulates Og ‘Naj with this first release of his sativa line. He works with a number of Haze dominant strains. Like his own proven and true Haze cross Leonidos, and what about his selected and special pheno of the infamous Neville’s Haze. But also with 2 amazing pheno’s of the Cloudwalker. Mixing new with old school, with this release you get a taste of his breeding work with more Haze influences. Expect a bit longer flowering times then usual but it will be rewarded with above avarage yields and great Haze characteristics.

In the future, expect more indica dominant varieties of this promising new breeder.

He works on a new indica line with selections from LemonTree Zkittles, Orange Biker, Rado Biker but also on the Rainbow Belts bx1 and the Sour Rainbow F2