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More info about this breeder:

Bald man Lala started with his first seed back in the late 70', with a handfull of seeds he got from his school teacher. After growing and making seeds for his own use he started to pass around his seeds to a small group of danish growers. They liked what they got and told him to continue to breed good outdoor plants..And so he did. After several years he met his mentor Esbe from Hybrids From Hell and started to work together with Esbe on a few projects. Later on he started to produce indoor seeds for him self and for HFH Seeds, and have been doing it since. Today BML is part of several collectives (Bald Monkey Seeds, Derg Corra Seeds and HFH seeds), but at the same time hes running his own line too (Bald Man Lala Seeds), producing in- and outdoor seeds.