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More info about this breeder:

Craft cannabis Breeder of Unique Autoflower & Photoperiod strains. Specializing in Autoflower Backcrossing projects, Fast Version Projects, & Photo into Auto projects. Goonie Genetics was created by me in 2021 to showcase my work as a Breeder. I have been cultivating/breeding cannabis for 12+ years, but always stayed underground until recently. I decided to go public as a breeder to be able to showcase my work to more of the world. I have a lifelong passion/obsession & dedication to cannabis. My dream was always to be a breeder, so I followed my dream. The first strain put out by Goonie Genetics was Heartless Creature (Creature Bear OG x No Heart)-Auto/Regular. One of my main goals is to bring different/new & exciting terpene profiles to the market. Another goal is to bring forth other cannabinoids like CBD & CBG in new strains. I hope that everyone can find the many medicinal benefits in my cultivars too. All of the seeds are organically crafted & grown.