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Was founded on the basis of an absolute love and passion for the plant in every aspect. From the beauty and uniqueness of every seed color tiger stripe or shape, to the growth patterns, leaf and plant structure variations, colors, taste, aromas, overall look, differences in growth in various climates, it’s medicinal properties, and of course the fun of just sharing a tasty joint with friends.
AIG is comprised of 2 breeders, Spice and Tardis. Childhood friends born and raised in Hawaii in the 70’s that grew up around the great strains of our time fortunate enough to experience many of them. Both breeders have not only a passion for cannabis breeding but for the genetic preservation of quality, unique, and the old original lines that paved the way to what cannabis is now. With the belief of keeping the old lines pure and breeding them into the new school lines as well as staying on top of the game to create strains that are loved by the masses. Though AIG focus’s on fruity smelling strains as is the beauty of the tropical fruits in Hawaii you can also find genetics for any type of plant you are looking for be it for personal home gardens or large scale production. Old pure lines, landraces, pinks, purples, plants with genetic mutations or abnormalities, frosty, and just about every aroma you could ask for. A never ending pursuit to find new lines with new unique qualities to add to the genetic library these guys are always on top of the game. One thing is for sure, these seeds are grown with undeniable love, respect, and aloha. 🤙🏽