Mandala Nr1 Chart (Taste)

Mandala Nr1 (Mandala Seeds)

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Sweet; Floral; Nectar; Apricot Tree; Orange Blossom; Fruity; Berry; Raspberry; Tropical; Grape; Apricot; Cherry; Peach; Apple; Pear; Sugar; Honey; Bubble Gum; Licorice; Sour; Citrus; Lemon; Sweet Lemon; Lime; Orange; Blood Orange; Acidic; Spicy; Hot; Mint; Herbs; Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Pine; Hashish; Bitter; Nuts; Rosted Nuts; Chemical; Diesel; Tar; Organic; Tobacco; Onion; Garlic; Salty; Microbiological; Earth; Musky; Wood

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Sour / Citrus / Lemon

The following 135 cannabis-strains was described as "Sour / Citrus / Lemon" onto "Taste".

Panama; Speed Ryder Nr2; Erdbeer x Deep Chunk; Do-Si-Dos; Amnesia Lemon; G13 Haze; LSD; Morning Glory; Tangerine Dream; Freeze Cheese 89; ChocoDurban; Speed Haze; Goji OG; Dubai Poison; CBD Therapy; Dumpster; Gruene Hessin; Kushberry; Lemon OG Kush; Lemon Skunk; Sour Krypt; White Skunk; Widow Skunk; Delicious Candy; Desconocida Kush; La Bella Afrodita; La Diva; Amnesia XXL Autoflowering; Blue Kush; California Hash Plant; Cheese; Critical Jack; OG Kush; King Kong; Blue Bubbleberry; AutoXtreme; Jorges Diamonds Nr1; Mazar; White Dragon; Gorilla Cookies; BubbleGummer; C99; Lemon Thai; Auto AK; Pineapple Express Auto; Chemdog; Himalaya Gold; Kalashnikova; Lemon Skunk; Pure Kush; Super Lemon Haze; The Church; Amnesia; Amherst Sour Diesel; Em-Dog; Lemon Kobra; KC 33; KC 36; Mango; Flash; Josh D OG; Automatic AK47 x New York City Diesel; 8 Miles High; Mandala Nr1; Sadhu Deluxe; Satori Deluxe; Amnesia G13; Blue Blood; Carnival; Mandarin Haze; Critical Mass; Timewreck; Early Special; Hawaii x Maui Waui; Northern Light Automatic; PPP; Top 44; White Rhino; Wonder Woman; Double Fun; Dutch Dragon; Lucid Bolt; Nebula; Vertigo; Northern Lights; OG Kush; Purple OG Nr18; Skywalker Kush; Chemdog Sour Diesel; Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze; Special K; Blue Mistic; Diesel Automatic; Haze Berry; Lemon Haze; Northern Light Automatic; Royal Creamatic; New York Power Diesel; Sticky Fingers; Skunk Haze; Sugar Haze; Afghani Nr1; Hindu Kush; Silver Haze Nr9; Skunk Nr1; Super Skunk; AK47; Chronic; White Russian; Alien Nightmare; NYC Diesel; Jack F1; Super Skunk; White Widow; White Lemon; Jack the Ripper; Spacedawg; Green Poison; Ice Cool; Psicodelicia; Mk-Ultra; Blue Dream Haze; Critical Mass; Medical VIP; Afghan Kush; Double Gum; Purple Haze; Super Skunk; White Ice; Afgan Kush; Afgan Kush Special; Northen Light x Skunk; Wild Thailand; Critical Automatic; Lowryder F1

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Here you can find the varieties of cannabis which were tagged by our users with certain characteristics in terms of Taste. Altogether there are currently 791 varieties of cannabis in this cloud.

Sweet; Floral; Nectar; Rose; Jasmine; Vanilla; Cherry Blossom; Apricot Tree; Orange Blossom; Lilac; Violet; Fruity; Berry; Raspberry; Strawberry; Blackberry; Blueberry; Cranberry; Tropical; Passion Fruit; Pineapple; Cantaloupe; Mango; Kiwi; Banana; Coconut; Grape; Apricot; Cherry; Plum; Peach; Apple; Pear; Sugar; Honey; Bubble Gum; Cookie Dough; Peanutbutter; Butterscotch; Chocolate; Marshmallow; Whipped Cream; Licorice; Sour; Citrus; Lemon; Sweet Lemon; Lime; Lemon Grass; Grapefruit; Orange; Blood Orange; Tangerine; Dairy; Butter; Cheese; Hot Milk; Sour Cream; Acidic; Spicy; Hot; Mustard; Teriyaki; Curry; Chili; Tabasco; Soy Sauce; BBQ Sauce; Mint; Spearmint; Herbs; Ginger; Pepper; Cinnamon; Sage; Basilicum; Thyme; Dill; Saffron; Cloves; Parsley; Fennel; Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Pine; Maple; Hashish; Bitter; Nuts; Fresh Nuts; Macadamia; Walnut; Hazelnut; Tonsil; Rosted Nuts; Pistachio; Sesame; Peanut; Chestnut; Chemical; Coughsyrup; Medicine; Metal; Poison; Glue; Diesel; Tar; Organic; Cucumber; Chives; Tee; Cocoa; Coffee; Tobacco; Onion; Garlic; Vinegar; Salty; Microbiological; Rot; Earth; Musky; Mold; Sweat; Charcoal; Wood; Alcohol; Chalk; Soda; Leather

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