Lemon Grass

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Sour / Citrus / Lemon Grass

The following 49 cannabis-strains was described as "Sour / Citrus / Lemon Grass" onto "Taste".

Panama; Erdbeer x Deep Chunk; Big Freeze; White Prussian; CBD Therapy; White Indica; Dumpster; Lemon OG Kush; Lemon Skunk; Lemon Zkittle; Mazar; OutLaw; StarRyder; Rhino Ryder; C99; Lemon Thai; Auto AK; Pineapple Express Auto; Lemon Skunk; Pure Kush; Super Lemon Haze; KC 33; KC 45; Flash; Hashberry; Satori Deluxe; Blue Blood; Critical Mass; Timewreck; Romulan Cheese; White Widow; Wonder Woman; Sour Tangie; Shining Silver Haze; Blackberry; Sugar Haze; Jamaican Pearl; AK47; Green Poison; Ice Cool; Kavik; Monster Rain; Pyramic; Wendigo; Critical Mass; Taison; White Ice; Afgan Kush; Critical Automatic

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Here you can find the varieties of cannabis which were tagged by our users with certain characteristics in terms of Taste. Altogether there are currently 837 varieties of cannabis in this cloud.

Sweet; Floral; Nectar; Rose; Jasmine; Vanilla; Cherry Blossom; Apricot Tree; Orange Blossom; Lilac; Violet; Fruity; Berry; Raspberry; Strawberry; Blackberry; Blueberry; Cranberry; Tropical; Passion Fruit; Pineapple; Cantaloupe; Mango; Kiwi; Banana; Coconut; Grape; Apricot; Cherry; Plum; Peach; Apple; Pear; Sugar; Honey; Bubble Gum; Cookie Dough; Peanutbutter; Butterscotch; Chocolate; Marshmallow; Whipped Cream; Licorice; Sour; Citrus; Lemon; Sweet Lemon; Lime; Lemon Grass; Grapefruit; Orange; Blood Orange; Tangerine; Dairy; Butter; Cheese; Hot Milk; Sour Cream; Acidic; Spicy; Hot; Mustard; Teriyaki; Curry; Chili; Tabasco; Soy Sauce; BBQ Sauce; Mint; Spearmint; Herbs; Ginger; Pepper; Cinnamon; Sage; Basilicum; Thyme; Dill; Saffron; Cloves; Parsley; Fennel; Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Pine; Maple; Hashish; Bitter; Nuts; Fresh Nuts; Macadamia; Walnut; Hazelnut; Tonsil; Rosted Nuts; Pistachio; Sesame; Peanut; Chestnut; Chemical; Coughsyrup; Medicine; Metal; Poison; Glue; Diesel; Tar; Organic; Cucumber; Chives; Tee; Cocoa; Coffee; Tobacco; Onion; Garlic; Vinegar; Salty; Microbiological; Rot; Earth; Musky; Mold; Sweat; Charcoal; Wood; Alcohol; Chalk; Soda; Leather

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