SeedFinder Strain Reviews

SeedFinder's Strain-Profile Functions

...should expand and upgrade our strain-descriptions and enables the gardener to share his impressions and experience. It enables a better strain selection - tailored to particular needs - and makes it possible to find a plant who will bring your desired properties!

How does it work?

In order to request only standardized and searchable user-inputs we have prepared an very extended input form. Here you can find all information about the grow, growth behavior, the flowering period, the yield and its strength, the leaf/flower-ratio and so one - and, of course, all separately for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Even for a detailed description of taste, aroma/odor and effect there are some input fields prepared, so you also can add very extensive smoke reports. Easy: All fields are predetermined and can easily be selected and clicked, everything is prepared for a fast and simple input!

Search and Find!

We don't have a search-function for our PlantProfiles right now, there are just too little uploaded profiles up to now ;) But we prepared a first, provisional overview about all profiles - and we also installed some first, very simple Strain-Clouds. With this Clouds you can have a look onto strains who was tagged on smell, taste or effect by the community.

Outdoor-Reviews will also be added to our climate zones where you can select the best cannabis-strains for your climatic conditions!

Upload your info!

The SeedFinder needs your help! If you know more about a strain - please use our detailed upload formular - you can help farmers worldwide with your info and it only will cost you some minutes of time!

Its easy, you will find the upload-link onto all strain-description pages (in the left strain menu) or simply click here and choose the breeder and the strain manually.

Please Note:
- You have to be logged in before you are able to write a PlantProfile.
- Please only add your reviews if you know exactly the name of the strain and the breeder!