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Our JSON-based API provides an interface for client developers to interact with content stored on SeedFinder, and to build new applications on top of SeedFinder's infrastructure. The JSON-Files you can get and use very simple with a URL GET or POST request and a little bit JavaScript, PHP or something like that.

Please note:
To use our JSON API you must verify your domain(s) here into the User-Area at first!
If you do a request from a unregistered domain you will get an Error 403!

Parameters for the request

The request will deliver all strains for the selected thread, including name, breeder and - if available - all other connected threads for every strain in the same forum. The request needs a valid forum-id (see below) and a valid, numeric thread-id out of the selected forum. Info: Your forum have to be connected to the seedfinder before you can use this option, please contact us if you're interested to use this API.

forum?forum=growerchID of the forum like in the list below.
thread&thread=1001Numeric thread ID out of the selected forum.
Alternative output-types. Preset is 0 (pure JSON output)
Click here to read more about the possible output formats.

StrainInfo JSON:

The Response

A valid query returns a JSON file with an object which contains a short info about the status and - if there are strains - an own object for every variety. An invalid request provides an object with an error message. Here is an overview of the possible content.


infoStringA short Info. Example: This thread is connected to 3 strains.
countIntegerAmount of the strains. Will be 0 if no strains are connected. Example: 3
strainsObjectStrain connected to the thread. This Object will only be existent if there are connected threads!

Object -> [strains]

The object strains contains an own object for every connected strain. The Object(s) are named with an unique breeder/strain-id.

Object -> [strains] -> [strain-id]

idStringThe ID of the strain
bridStringThe ID of the breeder
nameStringName of the strain
brnameStringName of the breeder
morethreadsObject | BooleanAre there more threads connected to this variety? If so, morethreads is an object - if not it's false.

Object -> [strains] -> [strain-id] -> [morethreads]

infoStringShort Info about the threads: Example: 2 more threads about Afghan from Nirvana Seeds.
countIntegerThe amount of threads. Example: 2
threadsObjectThis Object contains an own object for every connected thread.

Object -> [strains] -> [strain-id] -> [morethreads] -> [threads]

The object threads contains an own object for every connected thread. The Object(s) are named with a floating number beginning at 0 with an initiating th.

Object -> [strains] -> [strain-id] -> [morethreads] -> [threads] -> [th]

thrIntegerThread ID out of the Forum.
updIntegerTimecode for the last update of this thread in the seedfinder. Example: 1228562743
lngStringLanguage of the thread. Example: en
catStringSeedfinders threadfinder-category-id of this thread. Example: growreport
titStringTitle of the thread out of the forum.

List of available Forums for this API

Here a list of all forums who are connected to the seedfinder. If your forum is not connected but you like to use this api, please contact us.

420 Magazine420mag
Autoflower Networkautofnet
CannabisCafe 2.0cannacafe Forumscannacom
OZ Stoners Forumscannanation
Cannaweed Forumcannaweed
FCF Forumsfcf
Grasscity Forumsgrasscity
GreenPassion.orggreenpass Forumgrowerch Forumgrowercz
Growery Message Boardgrowery
GrowKind Forumsgrowkind
IC Mag Forumsicmag
Lamarihuana Foroslamarihuana
Marijuana Passionmarpassion
Marijuana Growing Forumsmjgrowing
Mr.Nice Forumsmrnice
Rollitup Forumsrollitup
Sensi Seeds Forumssensi
Strain Hunters Forumstrhunters
Swecan Forumswecan
The Green Circletgc
THCfarmer Forumsthcfarmer
UK420 Forumsuk420
Wiet Forum [NL]wietforum


The Request will deliver a JSON like this:

"info": "This thread is connected to 1 strain.",
"count": 1,
"strains": {
   "Serious_Seeds_-_Chronic": {
      "id": "Chronic",
      "brid": "Serious_Seeds",
      "name": "Chronic",
      "brname": "Serious Seeds",
      "morethreads": {
         "info": "1 more thread about Chronic from Serious Seeds.",
         "count": 1,
         "threads": {
            "th0": {
               "thr": 257701,
               "upd": 1220184984,
               "lng": "de",
               "cat": "growreport",
               "tit": "**Chronic**MasterKush**Barney┬┤s Crimea Blue** @ Double B.A.L"


Here you will find a small example (will open in a new window) for the ThreadFinder-Api. But do not expect too much, im not a javascript-expert, its more for your imagination than a ready widget ;) But it will show you whats possible, somehow like this it also could work onto your forum :)

The Upload-Link

You also can alleviate the strain/thread-connection for your forum very simle. If you will use the following Upload-Link you can prefill the form and the user only have to insert the captcha to add a new thread to a strain. (The upload-function do not need an extra SeedFinder-User-Account)
You can use our Breeder/Strain-ID API to grab all breeder- and strain-ids and add dynamic selection-boxes to create the upload-link, look at our small strain-info example to see how it could work...[BREEDER-ID]/[STRAIN-ID]/[FORUM-ID]/[CATEGORY]/[LANGUAGE]/[THREAD-ID]/

Allowed Categories: growreport, smokereport, straintalk, misc
Allowed Languages: en, es, fr, de, nl, se
Thread-ID: have to be numeric (or 0 if not given) and a valid one out of the forum.
If you like to let something other empty (without the strain- and breeder-id): add a X.


Please note:
To use our JSON API you must verify your domain(s) here into the User-Area at first!

If you do a request from a unregistered domain you will get an Error 403!

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