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JSON API (beta) :: Breeder/Strain-IDs

Our JSON-based API provides an interface for client developers to interact with content stored on SeedFinder, and to build new applications on top of SeedFinder's infrastructure. The JSON-Files you can get and use very simple with a URL GET or POST request and a little bit JavaScript, PHP or something like that.

Please note:
To use our JSON API you must verify your domain(s) here into the User-Area at first!
If you do a request from a unregistered domain you will get an Error 403!

Parameters for the request

The standard-request without parameters will deliver all breeder-ids (including logo and the name) without adding the strain-ids. Additionally you can add the strains for every selected breeder if you set the parameter strains=1. If you dont need info about all breeders use the br-parameter to limit the breeder-output to the selected ones.

Selection of breeders. Add all to get a full list, or add the SeedFinder-Breeder-IDs for one ore more breeders. To get info about more than one breeder, seperate the ids with a "|".
Preset is all.
strains&strains=1Will add strain-ids and strain-names to the output.
Alternative output-types. Preset is 0 (pure JSON output)
Click here to read more about the possible output formats.

StrainInfo JSON:

The Response

A valid query returns a JSON file with an object which contains an own object for every breeder (named with the Seedfinder-Breeder-ID). An invalid request provides an object with an error message. Here is an overview of the possible content.

Object -> [breeder-id]

nameStringThe name of the breeder.
logoStringThe logo of the breeder. Stored below:
strainsObjectStrain by this breeder. This Object will only be existent if strains=1!

The object strains is only existent if the optional parameter strains=1 was added to the request-url. The object contains name/value pairs for every strain by the breeder, named with the Seedfinder-Strain-ID and with the strain-name as value.

Object -> [breeder-id] -> strains

StringName of the Strain


The Request|Cannabiogen&strains=1 will deliver a JSON like this:

{"Serious_Seeds": {
   "name": "Serious Seeds",
   "logo": "serious.gif",
   "strains": {
      "AK47": "AK47",
      "Bubble_Gum": "Bubble Gum",
      "Chronic": "Chronic",
      "Kali_Mist": "Kali Mist",
      "White_Russian": "White Russian"
"Cannabiogen": {
   "name": "Cannabiogen",
   "logo": "cannabiogen.jpg",
   "strains": {
      "Caribe": "Caribe",
      "Destroyer": "Destroyer",
      "Leshaze": "Leshaze",
      "Sand_Storm": "Sand Storm",
      "Sugar_Loaf": "Sugar Loaf",
      "Taskenti": "Taskenti"

Test it

We prepared a small test-widget for you. This example is full working and you can add it very easy to your page. This widget uses the StrainSearch API, the Strain/Breeder-ID API and also the StrainInfo-API to create a complete strain-browser with search-function for your page. Here you will find it. (open in a new window)


Please note:
To use our JSON API you must verify your domain(s) here into the User-Area at first!

If you do a request from a unregistered domain you will get an Error 403!

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License With the help of the SeedFinder API you will be able to use our data for your own applications, widgets and integrate our info directly into your homepage. Use of the API is completely free if you follow the license terms. To stay informed about the API please connect an email to your user-account (so we can contact you if there are questions) and/or drop an eye to our Newsflash! If you don't like add backlinks or if you're running a commercial site, please contact us before using our api. »» All content is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License