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Legend + Help

General Information

We real dont like to support illegal growing of cannabis without a official permission - or give some tips where you can buy these seeds of death! We naturally assume that you - like more and more people in the whole world - possesses such a permission, or you only like to get some information - so youre very welcome! Please be also very careful if you are looking to buy some cannabis-seeds somewhere. Owning seeds is illegal into some european countries - but its legal in a lots of countries, too! So, have a good look to the laws into your area, maybe the shop can send the seeds legal to you - but they will be illeal if they arrive at your home! We strictly reject any responsibility for the stupidity of others, but we only can give this alert ;)

Seedfinder's Legend

You can see all substantial information very simply onto one view if you search for seeds or if you want to compare or show a lots of strains. Here you have a short description about the icons we use onto our sites, please move the mouse about them to get more details:

  • User-Votings: Our votings (from 1-10) will be represented with this arrows:
    Bewertungs-Pfeil 0 Bewertungs-Pfeil 1 Bewertungs-Pfeil 2 Bewertungs-Pfeil 3 Bewertungs-Pfeil 4 Bewertungs-Pfeil 5 Bewertungs-Pfeil 6 Bewertungs-Pfeil 7 Bewertungs-Pfeil 8 Bewertungs-Pfeil 9 Bewertungs-Pfeil 10
  • Indica or Sativa?: Will be represented by a coulored star (depending on crossings):
    Pure Indica Pure Sativa Pure Ruderalis Mostly Indica Mostly Sativa ~50% Indica/Sativa Ruderalis / Indica Hybrid Ruderalis / Sativa Hybrid Ruderalis / Indica / Sativa Hybrid Unknown Inbreed
  • Indoor or Outdoor?: Depending upon type the following symbols are faded in: Indoor-Strain Outdoor-Strain Greenhouse-Strain
  • Flowering-Time: The flowering-time is indicated under this symbol: Flowering Time
  • Female seeds? Female Seeds Female Seeds are equipped with this hook: green Hook

By the way, the flowering time indicated by us is the average of the manufacturer data in days! Example: If the manufacturer indicated 8-9 weeks, we took 60 days as value. Somehow we had to standardise, however, the respective indication of the breeder (in weeks or days) can be still found additionally into the detailed description of many strains.

The organization of the strains into indoor/outdoor/greenhouse is not completely exact. Many manufacturers do not indicate whether sorts are also suitable for the greenhouse. Maybe it helps to compare with similar strains, a lots of hybrids who works well indoors will be suitable for the greenhous, too.