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Strain: Special Kush
Breeder: Zativo
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~49 days
Only female seeds.

Zativo - Special Kush

Special Kush is a unique blend of indica and sativa. Special Kush’s dominant properties of a relaxing body stone are derived from its parent, OG Kush, an indica dominant strain with Afghani Kush ancestry. It also delivers a sweet smoke thanks to its Sweet Special genetics, and a slightly energetic soaring head high, from the sativa influence it receives from both parents.

The indica/sativa ratio of Special Kush is 60/40. The indica genetics dominate, with a relaxing body stone, whilst still leaving ample room for the sativa's soaring euphoria and mildly energetic head high to shine through. The pleasant result from the evenly blended genetics of sativa and indica is a smoke which has something for both indica and sativa connoisseurs alike.

Special Kush's parent, Sweet Special is a hardy and resilient plant that is prized for the sweet smoke it yields. Just like its parent, it is also resilient and hardy and is suitable for both growing indoors or outdoors. Special Kush’s other parent, OG Kush is an indica heavy strain with extremely potent Afghani genetics.

Although Special Kush is an almost even balance of indica and sativa genetics, the Indica does dominate and produces a strong physical stone. Despite the indica dominance in Special Kush, the Sativa elements of a soaring euphoria, and a mildly energetic high are able to break through to induce a physically relaxing high, in combination with a pleasant cerebral buzz. For this reason Special Kush is becoming increasingly popular with those looking for soothing relaxing physical effects in combination with an uplifting cerebral high.

The THC content of Special Kush is pleasantly potent 18 percent, yet the low CBD content is sufficient to provide a good relaxing physical stone without rendering the user incapacitated.

Impatient growers will be glad to know that Special Kush is pretty fast and only takes 7 weeks to finish flowering. Growing outdoors in the Northern hemisphere, you should expect to harvest in early September. When grown indoors the plant reaches a manageable height of 100 cm, outdoors you should expect the plan to reach 170 cm in height. Growing Special Kush is a breeze for both experienced growers and novice growers alike, due to the robust and hardy growth properties it has received from its parent, Sweet Special.

In conclusion, Special Kush is a must have for those looking for an evenly balanced indica and sativa hybrid which is easy to grow, with a manageable height, dense buds, a relaxing soothing body stone and a pleasant cerebral high.

Genetics: 60% indica - 40% sativa
Flowering period: 7 weeks
THC%: 17%
CBD%: Unknown
Yield (indoor): Medium
Height (indoor): 100cm
Yield (outdoor): Medium
Height (outdoor): 170cm
Harvest time (outdoor): End of September/October

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