Santa Maria F1-X

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Official Information / Basics about Santa Maria F1-X from Unknown or Legendary

This strains (F1 - F7) are steps to the final Planck (Santa Maria) Version by No Mercy Supply.

Cees: After having crossed a Santa Maria with a Mexican Haze and a Silver Pearl and inbreeding the resulting plant for 4 generations, one male was selected to pollinate a pure Santa Maria mother. After this we inbred 8 times by backcrossing a male/son with the mother (a pure Santa Maria).

* SM F1 = Santa Maria Clone x [{Santa Maria Clone x (Silverpearl x Mexican Haze)} F4]
* SM F2 = (Santa Maria Clone x SM F1)
* SM F3 = (Santa Maria Clone x SM F2)
* SM F4 = (Santa Maria Clone x SM F3)
* SM F5 = (Santa Maria Clone x SM F4)
* SM F6 = (Santa Maria Clone x SM F5)
* SM F7 = (Santa Maria Clone x SM F6)

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