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Strain: Ocean Blue
Breeder: Treeology Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~65 days
Normal or female seeds.

Treeology Genetics - Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue was an accidental crossing between Blue Dream & Tahoe OG. If you guys remember the good old days back when most of the farmers in Northern California were growing that bomb Blue Dream (Santa Cruz cut) it was nice I must admit. However being from Southern California and LA County to be more specific... we were accustomed to OG Kush & that is what our clientele preferred as well.

It was a blessing when a mentor & good friend on top of the mountain was growing his usual Blue Dream but due to my request, he started growing OG the Tahoe OG clone only for me. It hermied out & pollinated his Blue Dream.

I liked the strain so much that he gifted me a few plants. I grew them out well over a decade ago both outdoor & indoor. It displays awesome frostiness indoor & outdoor they displayed some super cool turquoise colors.

They finish in about 70 day & require a bit more cal-mag than other strains. I find that with Ocean Blue, it is best to veg her at least 16 hours but 18 is even better or she may flower unexpectedly. She is NOT an autoflower, but is similar to HeriJuaan in that they require more light while in veg.

Ocean Blue then became the basis for a few of my strains, to name a few: Superstar of Atlantis, Lockness Monster Cookies, La Hula/MLI, Iris & more...

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