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Lucky Charms

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Lucky Charms
Bodhi Seeds
indoor, outdoor
No feminized seeds.

There has been such an amazing demand for more bodhiseeds that ive decided to open the seed vault and release a few of the hybrids ive been working on using my personal favorite proven males and elite females, these strains are new and are just now being tested, so im offering them up as a special limited pre release.

Bodhi Seeds breeder never thought would name a strain after a breakfast cereal... but you are truly lucky and charmed to have a sack of these jeweled funk clusters in your stash, hashy marshmellow chemy fruity funk... extreme resin and power.... and a great green treasure for herbal leprecans....

Mother: "the white" is probably the most consistantly trichome
covered plant currently out there, its rock solid, deadly potent, and has a warm tart hashy aroma...
Father: appalachia is an amazing hybrid of green crack aka cush andv jjnyc of topdawg seeds tres dawg, which is a very solid chem d bx2. This hybrid was created by h&l and is definetly a favorite for big beautiful potent fruity chemy buds of the highest order.

These seed projects were made in an organic biodynamic growing environment with the utmost care, respect, meditation, and good vibes, using the best parental selections from a small but amazing gene pool. may all your dreams come true and all your seeds sprout. many blessings b.

Genetics: the white x appalachia (green crack x tres dawg)
Flowering Time: Medium
Height: Medium
Characteristics: hashy marshmellow chemy fruity funk....

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