Nigerian Silk

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Strain Name
Nigerian Silk
indoor, outdoor
~81 days
No feminized seeds.

The Nigerian Silk Strain is a sativa induced strain that is very useful in many circles. The buds of the strain are fluffy dark green buds, which have been covered in small brown hairs. The scent of the Nigerian Silk Strain resembles that of sandalwood. It also has traces of an earthy scent. It is a pleasant and enjoyable scent that is not pungent at all. The use of the Nigerian Silk Strain makes you very energetic and helps you stay focused on the things that you plan to do that day. It is a very motivating strain that makes your head clear so that you can focus on the things you want to do and think in a very clear manner. The effects of this particular strain, however, are quite short for only about an hour and a half. You feel it behind the eyes and it takes a little while for the Nigerian Silk strain to start having an effect on you. The Nigerian Silk Strain makes it easy for you to accomplish long tasks or go and have any outdoor activities since it fills you up with an untiring type of energy.
Great up high, reasonable flower time 11-12 weeks.

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