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Strain: Lebanese Hybrid
Breeder: Oregon Green Seed
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~51 days
No feminized seeds.

Oregon Green Seed - Lebanese Hybrid

Indica/Sativa: 60/40
Flowering period: ~6.5 to 8 weeks
Harvest out: on or before end Sept.
Height: med – med/tall
mold resistance: above average
Yield: above average to high
Potency: medium
Some plants will be cbd-rich.

Hardy, fast flowering, above average resistance.

I acquired the Lebanese (LEB) landrace to use as a breeding tool for some planned cbd and medicinal projects. This is the first step in one of those projects. The test grows show such nice plants at this stage, that I’ve decided to offer a limited number of packs for folks who need some thc (for pain) with their cbd.

The Gorilla Grape leaners will have a higher thc with a trace of cbd — tending to hover around a 8:1 thc/cbd ratio, with actual values around 15-17% thc to 1.5-2% cbd. The Nepalese leaning plants will have less thc with ratios hovering around 3:1 thc/cbd.

For Gorilla Grape phenos, look for tighter internode spacing on plants that develop a more stocky frame, as compared to the more sativa growth habit of Nepalese leaning plants.

Be aware that not all plants will be cbd rich. It takes several generations of breeding, selecting for the cbd trait in order to stabilize for cbd.

Time and several more breeding generations will tell. But from the response I’m getting from 2015 outdoor test grows, this version is getting praise from both recreational and medical growers.

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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