Juicy Fruit

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Strain Name
Juicy Fruit
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~60 days
No feminized seeds.

Juicy Fruit is a sweet smelling strain of Thai origin that is usually bright green in color with lots of purple and orange hairs embedded into the bud. Juicy Fruit smells most strongly of fruit punch and lemons, and when the bud is ground up it releases a very strong skunky smell. The taste of Juicy Fruit is surprisingly less fruity than one might expect, leaning more towards creamy flavors like pina colada and vanilla. The high produced by this strain has a lot to do with itís popularity. The most immediate effect of Juicy Fruit is a floating feeling that is a little psychedelic. This is a good strain to share with friends because it makes one feel very uplifted, giggly, and chatty. Juicy Fruit has a clean come down with no lingering after effects and would be a good choice for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, mild pain relief and those in need of a creative boost.

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