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Region: Bred in Southern Humboldt
Type: 70/30 Indica dominant
Origin: Hill Billy Dreams Seeds - Steve Tuck

Hill Billy- Catalogue Updated: 2002-09-16

Breeding Medical Seeds for Holistic Healing of specific strains for specific illnesses. A joint venture of Humboldt Research Institute and several selected seed companies. Official supplier of medical grade seeds to Health Canada for Flin Flon venture. Bringing together the best Amsterdam, Kentucky, Humboldt, and British Columbia into one company. We are committed to bringing ISO 2000 standards to the cannabis industry

Strain is now about 70/30 Indica dominant while maintaining good mold and pest resistance and keeping yield in 1-3 lb. range trimmed and bagged. When quality and quantity both count this strain will bring it home. Turns purple if temps are allowed to drop at night and smell increases exponentially. This plant also will grow well indoors but we recommend budding it slower than normal to take full advantage of the yield gains we have bred into the plant. We use 14hr.'s dark for 2 weeks, 13 hr.'s 2 weeks, THEN 12/12 rest of trip, will finish in 6 weeks if go to 12/12 immediately but slower equals much more with this strain. Will flower under 9 hours of darkness.

This strain is the result of mixing the best Kentucky outdoor phenotypes (we've always called this 'killer New Haven Strain') with a cherished Humboldt strain from Petrolia called Head stash that has been grown in Southern Humboldt for over 20 years. We then line-bred this plant for 15 generations using planned back-crosses every third generation always selecting for buzz and taste ( we even make hash from males to evaluate nuances ), has fruity after taste that explodes. This strain was developed for pain and nausea, but through serendipity we discovered an appetite stimulant par excellence. This strain is not one for the novice smoker as it has a crippling buzz. I have lost entire days in R&D on this one. We have always eliminated any plants that went over Sept 20th to ensure we got this harvested and CAMP saw only footprints.

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