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Strain Name
Ace High
Greenpoint Seeds
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~70 days
No feminized seeds.

Flowering: 63 - 77 Days
Height: Medium
Area: Indoor & Outdoor
Genetics: Lemon G (Ohio cut) x Star Dawg

When you think of Ohio, whats the 1st thing to come to mind? Does cannabis come to mind? Well you should of your looking at this strain! Lemon G is one of the most famous strains out of The Mid-West along with the "Death Star" (Sensi Star x Sour Diesel) and Indiana Bubble Gum. This Lemon G strain should be renamed "Consuela" from Family Guy because the smell and taste is Lemon Pledge all the way! This is definitely the strain for all those Lemon Terpene lovers out there. Not many people have the cut, and wasn't circulated at all really. Lemon G was hoarded by whoever had it at the time. It was a heavily guarded, well sought out strain from most people wanted at time. According to Archive Seed Bank, apparently there are 2 different cuts of Lemon G floating around. The widely circulated one is the Sativa version, which supposedly is Skunk Misty x Indica Lemon G. The growth structure of the Lemon G are incredible. Tall, stretchy, and massive looking buds, but the flowers grow pretty airy, making it look like more than it is. The growth structure of this strain isn't why it is so popular. It's the aroma and flavor. The smell coming off this is INCREDIBLY LOUD! Incredibly reminiscent of Lemon Pledge, and Lemon Heads Candy, with slight hints of Lemongrass, and Lemon Peels. Its an incredible Lemon overload! For concentrates, if you like the citrus terpene profile, you'll be doing back flips for this. Because the Lemon G is incredibly dominant, if it were to be used for concentrates, alone, Lemon G is almost too overpowering. Some people mix about 10% Lemon G with other flavors, just so the lemons wont drowned-out the other flavors present in the concentrate. The effect of the Lemon G are very sativa-esque. Happy, clear-headed, focused, creative, and energetic, but not too Sativa for all those people who don't like the paranoia, racy, speedy, borderline psychedelic strains.

When Lemon G meets Star Dawg, expect to find some impeccable phenotypes that will be hard to narrow down. The Star Dawg would fill out those loose buds on the Lemon G making them tight, but keep an eye on certain phenotypes that will want to keep stretching. It will also give the Lemon G-dominant phenotypes an acrid, sharp, pungent chemical cleaner aroma that should blend well. Make sure you use all of your super cropping techniques and definitely use a trellis to maximize on the space you have. Smell and taste should range from astringent, acrid, lemon chemical cleaner, nail polish, paint thinner, and yellow sharpie markers. You will have fun watching these grow, and watching how different some can be. The Lemon G might dominate most phenotypes, since sativa traits come through more than the Indica does in the hybrid strains, so if you find a Star Dawg-Dominant phenotype, Keep her around! The males from this cross should be worth looking into as well, so if you find a good male, try and keep it or collect pollen for future projects

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