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Strain: Lemon G
Breeder: Clone Only
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~70 days
Available as clone only.

Clone Only Strains - Lemon G

If you got Lemon G, it had to have come from Cincinnati or Columbus Ohio. It is a protected strain available by clone only, and the people who hold it are stingy about giving it away.

It's history is actually an old Columbian strain from a import in the 1970's, I was fortunate enough to grow this strain.

It takes 9-11 weeks flowering, and creates huge fluffy monster buds. The calyxes actually branch out so far that it's not dense at all. If a normal but that weighed 10 grams was next to 10 grams of Lemon G, the Lemon would look like a heavy ounce.

The closest relative I've found in seed form is reeferman's love potion #1. -It's also from a columbian strain.

Lemon G isn't the best yielder, because of it's fluffy nature, and the high is extremely relaxing, you can't do anything after smoking it but sit around for a while. (info from normlpothead)

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