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A Cheesy Mist

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Strain Name
A Cheesy Mist
KFC Seeds
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~56 days
Only female seeds.

A smooth, Misty taste follows through on a strong, pungent cheese flavour with a tang - all mixing up to a smooth, sweet delight. Expect an extreme high to match the extreme dank & fruitful tastes. One experience is all it will take, to appreciate how its effects have inspired & earnt its underground name: "Wheelchair Cheese".

Indica/Sativa: 85% Indica -15% Sativa
Height: Short/Medium 1m+
THC: 18-20%
Flowering time indoor: 7-9 Weeks
Indoor Yield: 300 - 500 g/m2
Harvesting time outdoor: Beg - Mid October
Outdoor Yield: 500grams+ per plant

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Kali's Fruitful Cannabis Seeds A Cheesy MistKali's Fruitful Cannabis Seeds A Cheesy Mist

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