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Strain: UBC Chemo
Breeder: Clone Only
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~77 days
Available as clone only.

Clone Only Strains - UBC Chemo

Info from the BCBD-Forums: I can tell this story as my family was involved with the liberation of UBC Chemo and I gifted cuts to BCBD a week before I got nailed.UBC is and was clone only.It was developed by the canadian govt and a cool old fella who is very respected named David Suzuki. This cut was in my family for a very long time and kept very safe until the shit hit the fan.It was and is one of the best med pots out there.

very woody stocks with unusual leaves, short, squat with a 11 week flowering time with heavy yields of kick ass indica.... (28.8%) thc...same plant 5th estate did a show on.

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bcblazer says

at the 01.09.2012, 19:06:

I would like to be able to order this in seeds or cuts. Looking for honest people.. Was around this strain a lot in the early to mid 80»s & would love to have her back again. I need her for pain control now. She«s a sturdy compact Lady w/rock hard nugs & really explosive smoke w/earthy hash taste..I don’t want to order from bcbd.heard to many negative reports and no luck on federation.. any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks from Canada.


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