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Strain: White Widow x Big Bud
Breeder: Female Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~53 days
Only female seeds.

Female Seeds - White Widow x Big Bud

Female Seeds White Widow x Big Bud is a combination of the best genetics of two truly iconic strains of cannabis. The WW x BB was first released in our X-line in 2010. This strain quickly moved to our permanent collection due to its massive popularity. The strain has remained popular ever since and is our current top seller.

It is a poly-hybrid, which means that from the same F1 cross, two populations were selected and stabilized separately for several generations. The result is an amazing hybrid with the high yield and skunky taste of the Big bud genetics. The powerful effect and smell originate from the White Widow genes.

WW x BB responds very well to all popular Indoor growing methods, comprising soil, hydroponics, SOG, SCROG and Deep Water Culture. It is easy to grow and offer new growers the opportunity to make a few mistakes while becoming a green thumb.

You can expect enormous resin production from the huge, tight buds. The super compact bud structure is the reason why WW x BB is not recommended for outdoors where there is high humidity in the latter stage of flowering as it is highly susceptible to mold. WW x BB provides a superior yield and are capable of producing yields up to 550 g per plant.

This strain develops a strong, pungent smell during its flowering stage making good air flow and filtration necessary when growing Indoors. The end product boasts a very generous THC content and produces relaxing yet functional high that is purely mellow – no anxiety or paranoia.

User-Generated Strain-Profile

Known Phenotypes:
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1.: short, compact, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype #3
2.: short, stretched, slowly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype
3.: Very homogenous variety.

For this strain we got input by 6 user(s). Here a short overview:

Flowering Time Indoor: 58 - 65 days (~61 days)
Yield / Quantity Indoor: The crop of this strain is high.
General Impression Indoor: is all together slightly above average.
Strength / Lasting Effect: The weed affects slightly above average.
Votings of our users: White Widow x Big Bud gets 6.22 of 10 possible Points in the average!

Where can you get this strain?

White Widow x Big Bud from Female Seeds is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 21 seedbanks, we found 52 offers between EUR 4.50 and EUR 628.50

1 x feminized 4 x feminized 5 x feminized 10 x feminized 20 x feminized 30 x feminized 40 x feminized 50 x feminized 60 x feminized 100 x feminized 150 x feminized
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Strain Lineage / Genealogy

Crossbreeds and hybrids with "White Widow x Big Bud"

User-Comments about this strain:

at the 17.12.2015, 17:31:

Die Hälfte der Phenos zwittern am Ende der Blüte
meist im unteren Bereich am Stamm.
Ein kleinerer Pheno mit etwas länglicheren Blättern
war stabil und konnte bis zum Ende getestet werden.
Dann kam ein tiefes vollmundiges Aroma und ein
starkes, dennoch sehr verträgliches Stoned hervor.
Insgesamt aber würde ich mir das nächste Mal eine
Critical Mass von Mr. Nice holen und selbst selektieren.
Da habe ich Gewisss keine Zwittergefahr und starke
grow bio!


at the 13.11.2013, 02:01:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

Had 2 phenos with one being more BB than the other which looked more 50/50 WW/BB.. Give them the full 9 weeks but keep an eye out for the pheno that self pollenates just before harvest. It will destroy other females coming into bud in the same grow room. ( Now have feminized seeds on a monster Moroccan Hash plant that was nudging against it )...I managed to save 98% of WW/BB crop but Hash plant now 30 % seeded...Guess I’ll have to take the added bonus of female seeds and pollen to breed from. Only 2/3 weeks in grow needed. Not the stongest smoke but still good and lingers around awhile. Fantastic $$$ crop, not much better bang for buck on the market. 7/10


at the 16.08.2013, 02:32:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

Great strain for beginners. Not extremely potent, but yields well and carries the "White Widow" badge. The buds cure up nice for a good bag appeal. Fruity scent.


at the 14.12.2012, 00:57:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

I received several of these seeds, grew them out and found one that I particularity liked. It was short with little stretch but when she budded she became a bush of solid heavy buds and for my luck this one out of 7 had an EXTREME BLUEBERRY Pheno! The yield of dry bud was 20 oz for 12 clones none over 20 inches tall. Grown indoor in eb n grow 2 gallon buckets with Gen Hydro nutes and co2. Report from test smokers was extremely good as well. I would definitely recommend this strain especially if you find a Pheno like this!


at the 16.04.2012, 09:56:This comment is connected to a Plant-Profile!

Absolut nicht empfelenswert! BigBud kommt hier jedenfalls nicht zu Tage. Eher eine Sativa mit recht schmächtigen eher langen Blüten. Eigenartiger Geruch nach dem Fermentieren, fast Heu artig. Zwitter aus Fem. Samen gab es bei mir vorher auch noch nie. Mein Fazit dafür:Daumen runter...


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