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Strain: Whiplash
Breeder: GeneSeeds Bank
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: unknown
Flowering: ~60 days
Normal or female seeds.

GeneSeeds Bank - Whiplash

In order to find a match for the legendary M8, we tried several elite clones of our genetic pantry until it came across Lebanon#3. The crossing provides the M8 with more body in the effect without losing its excellent flavour and massive production. The power of Whiplash is like a whip, that will leave you satisfied for several hours.


This variety begins with the mythical and legendary clone M8, suspiciously and secretly kept by the privileged few who have been fortunate to have this wonderful strain.
This clone was created from a Mix from Sensi Seeds bank hence the name M8, Mix8.
To stabilize it, the offspring was crossed only 2 times, that was enough to obtain the features we were looking for in this clone.
Once this was done, the seeds were crossed with our best mothers to see what results were obtained in search of something new. The results obtained were very interesting, but what we liked, above all, was when it was crossed with our beloved Lebanon.

A Lebanon#3 in principle is found in a selection of about 90 samples, it was an ordeal as it had quite degenerative inbreeding, which we had to solve.
To do so this time we use the cross-pollination, but after several attempts, we had to include another Lebanon we had got from other seeds to give it new blood. From this descent we were preserving the desired traits, particularly a phenotype with an intense aroma of hashish that captivated us since the beginning.

Genetics: M8 Bx2 x Lebanon#3.
Flavor: Hash/fruit.
Power: Very medicinal, relaxing, anxiolytic, analgesic.
Production: Very high.
Flowering: 60 days Indoor, Outdoor Early October.

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