Super Silver Haze

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Strain Name
Super Silver Haze
indoor, outdoor
~67 days
No feminized seeds.

Reeferman: "Hey guys when I was in Holland I was handling this SSH that just blew all other SSH out of the water for taste quality bud density it was like all the other SSH around except seemed like it was on steroids and was frosted like a northern pine tree in the morning after a god frost !
Everyone wanted to know where did that come from and how was a Canuck new to amsterdam getting the best looking and puffing SSH in the dam up in smoke can tell you about the quality basically I stopped selling to the shops because all of my Bro's were buying of every KG I could get and smoking it and love potion as there main stay .
The clone came from the north of holland I traded a love potion #2 clone for it (g13 pheno) that later got called many things by many companies .

I had been given some seeds SSh that were indirectly from skunkman when he had done some work with some swiss cats these were some very well selected and well worked SSH seeds that must have come from shanti all I was told was they came from skunkman and they were totally uniform this I had shamefully being in Nl just purchased my 1st grow cab (lol) never had seen one but I needed my clones alive and close to me so I set it up in my little apartment giving up my bedroom for the ladies I was planning the south american trip so germinated 20 of the SSH beans and pollinaated 10 of the ssh clones from the north as well as cherry bomb and love potion #1 with 11 males of the ssh seeds that came indirectly from skunkman from those seeds I bred RM SSH cherry haze , love haze and others in south america .
I find the SSH to be well refined high yielding super frosty lime green wander bud the seeds being sold were bred in south america they were taken from the best of at least 300 females as were the cherry haze .

They are outstanding and worthy of your time and energy the quality that I like most is that they produce such pretty and high quality flowers in 9-10 weeks they are classic leaning towards the lime green nl but still pack that really special haze high that makes shanti's work so special the reason I bred these was simply because I was so impressed with the quality of the product look at the pics of teh cherry haze posted here 8-9 weeks and awsome anyways I never really thought about prices etc we should really adjust that so more folks can enjoy .


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