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Strain: Spanish Nights
Breeder: Alpha Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~65 days
No feminized seeds.

Alpha Genetics - Spanish Nights

The Spanish Nights is our response to the original Northern Lights. Selecting the parents plants, we chose plants with less indica influence than the original has. Therefore the effect is more a very relaxing high rather than the classical couchlock.

This hybrid produces thick, compact buds and gives you a weed which is perfect for relaxed evenings on the couch as well as for exciting club nights with some friends. Its aroma is sensual, seductive and exciting as Spanish nights...

The flowering time indoor is at about 65 days, outdoor itīs ready mid-September. The Spanish Nights grows more like a sativa, but not so high. The plants do not need much space and they are perfect for a sea of green. Since they were cultivated under the Spanish sun, higher temperatures are not a big problem, but she does not like high temperature differences.

She is quiet hungry and needs a lot of water. If the summer is not too wet, mold wonīt be a problem at all. The Spanish Nights is a great plant for beginners.

Genetics: 35% Sativa, 65% Indica
THC: 19%
Flowering time indoor: ca. 65 days
Harvest outdoor: beginn of Oct.

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