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Strain: Skunk 1
Breeder: S.S.S.C.
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: unknown
No feminized seeds.

Super Sativa Seed Club - Skunk 1

Originally developed by the Sacred Seeds Co. A winner of a number of harvest festivals. One of me most sought after strains in the world. Ten years ago the sweet SKUNK 1 arose from an Afghani, a Columbian, and a Thai. It is now a stabilized homogeneous hybrid with less than 5% deviations. The breeding plants were selected scientifically. Examination tests selected the plants with the highest percentage of THC. A THC percentage of 15% was indicated by gas chromatography. The SKUNK 1 has a high calyx to leef ratio. Large, long full buds. It finishes the first week of October. The Yield varies from 400-1000 grams. With an average of 500 grams. Yields of up to 2000 grams {5 pounds!} have been recorded. Indoors, experienced growers can, by using the plantlet method, harvest 400—500 rams per square meter. Very suitable for Indoor growing, too.

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