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Plant-Profile about Sideral (by Ripper Seeds)

This Plant-Profile is a individual expression by , uploaded at the 04.09.2019.

Information about the growth of the plants:

Stretch after the initiation of flowering
±110 Percent
Initiation of flowering onto around 30 cm. - Final Height onto around 63 cm.
Growth Behavior
Side Branches
an average number; into an average length as well as above average strongness.
The plants of this Cannabis-Strain...
...need much care.
...are not very tolerant to over- or under-fertilization. not need much fertilizer.
...are not vulnerable to fungal diseases.
...are not susceptible to mold.
...are tolerant of temperature fluctuations. not like low temperatures.
...have no problems with high temperatures.
...looks and grow more like a Indica.
...are well suited for very low growrooms.
...are well suited for a ScroG (Screen of Green).
...should only be bred by experts.
...should be supported into the flowering period. (Nets, JoJos, Bamboo-Sticks).
...respond well to the pruning of the main stem.
...from feminized seeds tend to hermaphrodites.
...can build pre flowers into the growth period.

Harvest, Yield, Taste, Aroma, strength and effectiveness

Yield / Quantity
The crop of this strain is high.
Buds / Leaves
The ratio of buds to leaves is above average.
Bud Structure
The dried buds are hard and compact.
Strength / Lasting Effect
The weed is not to strong and not to soft.

General Impression

Sideral (Ripper Seeds)

is all together slightly above average
(On average 6 Points onto a scale between 0 and 10 !)

Additional Information

GaredIcus says

I grew four of these under 1000W of LED, in a 4x4 tent, with a 440 cuft fan, in Fox Farms Ocean Forest and perlite to a 70:30 mix, using Fox Farms Trio nutes, recharge, ArmorSi, and Cal-Mag+. The vegetative stage of the grow was very vigorous, the stems grew thick and strong, and the plants responded well to topping, tying down, and defoliation. After four weeks in veg, I flipped to flower, and flowered under a modified schedule starting at 12/12 with a goal of ending at 10/14. Sadly, all four of my plants hermied, hard, and had to be taken down at least a month before they were ready. Still, I was able to get 61g of bud after drying the first three plants (I let the fourth go a little longer for more viable seeds), and at least a few dozen, if not a few hundred, seeds to try to stabilize this strain. That being said, unless you get them dirt cheap, or are setting out for a breeding project, I would not recommend this strain to grow.

The high is good, even at such an early harvest, but doesn't last long at all (a few minutes tops). It's rather like being hit in the back of the head with a velvet sledge hammer.
(04.09.2019, 04:43)