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Schnazzleberry #2

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Strain Name
Schnazzleberry #2
Chimera Seeds
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~55 days
No feminized seeds.

From the same mother as the original super-stoney Schnazzleberry. Perfect for SCROG or bush gardens. Expect bud-laden branches with a healthy stretch when flowered. Ripening of the large calyxes and huge dark amber trichomes kicks into full force at 45-50 days. Additional days add intensity to the already numbing high. Excellent for vaporization and production of connoisseur quality black hash.

Parents: The Dom (Blue Domino) x DJ Short Blueberry
Flowering: 50-60 days / Early-October
Height: 60-90 cm / 120+ cm
Yield: 680 gr / 570 gr

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Chimera Seeds Schnazzleberry #2 - pic from: buzzyChimera Seeds Schnazzleberry #2 - pic from: buzzy

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