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Strain Name
Otto #2
Centennial Seeds
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~74 days
No feminized seeds.

The Otto seed line began in 2009 with an unknown seed sample given to me by Bob Winnicki, founder of Full Spectrum Labs.

This original material was highly variable, but it did contain a number of high CBD:THC ratio plants that became the early breeding parents of today’s Otto II(TM).
The Otto II is a hybrid high-CBD hemp seed developed in Colorado. Otto II is stable and breeds true for high-ratio CBD expression. Otto II is excellent for use in botanical extraction applications.

The plants are vigorous and can be quite large. Flowering is complete indoors at 70-77 days. Grown in sunlight along Colorado’s Front Range, flowers reach their peak resin content in late September to early October..

When Otto II is grown as industrial hemp we recommended that ”9-THC levels are assayed 3 to 5 weeks prior to anticipated harvest to verify that the crop meets the statute for maximum delta9-THC levels. Testing is crucial during periods of unusually hot weather and drought conditions which may increase total ”9-THC levels in hemp plants.

The Otto II seed is being released today and will be available for purchase while supplies last.

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