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Plant-Profile about Holy Grail Kush (by DNA Genetics Seeds)

This Plant-Profile was generated by 14 single profiles, particular thanks goes to: DrDoom, kagbeni, Sourflame, Bojesus, ChemCat, ReggaeJ, Crowbar, Hashpapy, secretwindow, Peytonmanning, MikeLowry, nylothc77, ugmjfarmer and stinkydungeon

Information about the growth of the plants:

Flowering Time Indoor
Between 62 an 72 days (Average: 67 days.)
Stretch after the initiation of flowering
±98 Percent
Initiation of flowering onto around 56 cm. - Final Height onto around 111 cm.
Growth Behavior
Like a christmas tree
Side Branches
a great many; long as well as strong and vigorous.
The plants of this Cannabis-Strain...
...can be placed close together. (!!!)
...do not need much care. (!!!)
...need much fertilizer. (!!!)
...looks and grow more like a Indica. (!!!)
...are well suited for a SoG (See of Green).
...are well suited for a ScroG (Screen of Green).
...are a good choice for beginners. (!!!)
...build many, thick buds on the side branches.
...respond well to the pruning of the main stem.
...are tolerant to over- or under-fertilization.
...are tolerant of temperature fluctuations.
...have no problems with low temperatures. (!!!)
...have no problems with high temperatures. (!!!)
...are not vulnerable to fungal diseases. (!!!)
...are not susceptible to mold. (!!!)
...are a good choice for commercial cultivation.
...are well suited to Supercropping.
...should be supported into the flowering period. (Nets, JoJos, Bamboo-Sticks).
...should get 24 hours light into the growth period.
...need a lot of room upward. (!!!)
...should not be heavily pruned.
...can build pre flowers into the growth period.

Harvest, Yield, Taste, Aroma, strength and effectiveness

Yield / Quantity
The crop of this strain is high.
Buds / Leaves
The ratio of buds to leaves is super.
Bud Structure
The dried buds are very hard and very compact.
Strength / Lasting Effect
The weed is very strong and long lasting.
Tolerance Built
very slow tolerance education.

Taste / Flavour

The taste / flavour of this variety recalls onto / is

General Impression

Holy Grail Kush (DNA Genetics Seeds)

is all together extraordinary and quite recommendable
(On average 8 Points onto a scale between 0 and 10 !)

Additional Information

Hashpapy says

alle 6 fast gleich bis auf ein pheno der kleiner blieb. Streckt sich in der Blütephase noch ordentlich. taste meiner meinung nach , ein ticken was besser wie die KosherKush, und etwas stärker. ertrag ist immer so ne sache mit der Kush, aber bei der HoliyGrail ist er recht hoch ;) nicht so wie bei der og#18 aber dafür homogener (06.08.2014, 18:02)

Peytonmanning says

By far my favorite strain in potency, high, and smell. Topped and trained, vegged for 8 weeks and got over 60 grams. Has a wonderful floral/fuel aroma, very intoxicating to pack a bowl and draw on it unlit. A few hits will have your head feeling great and your body relaxed, and a few more hits will put you to sleep. DNA knocked it out of the park with this one. Would recommend this to anyone who is a heavy indica fan (03.07.2015, 07:22)

stinkydungeon says

Don't listen to the comments below! This strain is an absolute gem, look for wide node spacing with that fuel og funk we all love. Top and train for best yield. Almost no trimming necessary at harvest. I grew this strain back in 2012 and still have people asking me for it BY NAME to this day! (21.04.2018, 22:34)

Bojesus says

The dank smell and taste is out of control. The dank flavour is akin to LA Confidential without the sweet aftertaste. Very over-the-top skunk smell after smoking! Heavy, narcotic stone. Great for pain relief.
This plant is easy to grow and an all-around pleasure to smoke. The plants are quick starters from seed and produce very vigorous, quick-growing seedlings. (15.10.2013, 21:33)

secretwindow says

souche vigoureuse qui triple pendant son stretch, assez facile a cultiver et accepte un fort engraissage, buds centrale énorme de 60cm aussi large que des cannetes ^^.
un gout de terre et de citron qui reste longtemps en bouche et une sacrée pêche des les premiers bouffées, une plante a cultiver sans aucune hésitation pour tout les amateurs de kush. (18.10.2014, 06:29)

nylothc77 says

bad genetics. don't buy those seeds. try them first, hermis come, Im in that more than ten years so I contact DNA, they without any extra questions send me new pack and guess what happened? hermis again! so for try I did kosher tangie from them and guess what happened? Hermis! all this happened not on all plants, one or two of them but that is enough to know that they are just another seed company with very limited gene pool of healthy plants species and price they charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (04.01.2016, 23:38)

ugmjfarmer says

Complete waste of time. Every DNA product has failed for me, this was no exception. Weak buds, low thc, flavor okay but nothing to write home about since it isnt strong but masked. Buds are wispy and did not harden. 60 days veg and 67 days bloom = 1.25oz. waste of my 1000w light. (07.11.2016, 04:29)

Crowbar says

Wahnsinn, Geruch-Geschmack-Aroma-Wirkung: bei dieser Kush stimmt alles, bis auf den Ertrag,
der nicht der beste ist aber das Endprodukt ist dafür der Oberhammer. Finde sie nen ticken besser als die Lemon Larry.
Bin mal gespannt auf die Lemon Og Kush, die aktuell in der Box steht ;)
Keine probs. beim grown.
9von10 (30.05.2014, 07:24)

kagbeni says

Very good smoke and yeild grown in a mixed crop with the og16 which i think is just slightly better but its close (09.11.2012, 10:43)

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