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Strain: Guerrero x Panama
Breeder: Swami
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: unknown
No feminized seeds.

Swami Organic Seed - Guerrero x Panama

These are coastal highland Mexican farmed drug line sativas from Guerrero and Panama regions circa mid­70’s. I used the best female Guerrero I found and pollinated her with a rather nice Panama male.

The Guerrero Mexican finishes roughly from 70 days up…which is rather fast for a Mexican sativa…again, these are farmed lines that were used for export. The Panama Red definitely take longer to flower than the Guerrero.

This is an untested Swami Organic Seed landrace hybrid which is no doubt a central/equatorial sativa expressing beast. This would probably benefit from a breeding to another type…specifically a more indica leaning modern hybrid.

Some F1’s can probably be flowered from seed at 12/12. This is most likely the one­-of­-a­-kind highland Guerrero Mexican with classic Lebanese hash plant import expressions from the 70’s farmed drug lines of the day, producing the garlic flavors of the early 80’s Pacific Northwest bud such as KGB, the ‘U­dub’, and possibly even providing the lost lineage of the infamous G­13 in my opinion, further genetic testing and mapping needed.

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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