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Cheech Wizard
Bodhi Seeds
indoor, outdoor
No feminized seeds.

What is green curry og? well its a long story, but basicly it was amystery og that was on lock down and escaped, a friend brought it over in sorry shape along with his story, and i nursed it back to health in exchange for a clipping. its definetly an og, but its bright lime green, more vigorous than a regular og, on the stretchy side, potent, and the smell and flavor are really wild.... like smoking og and eating a green thai curry while someone is cleaning the floor with pinesol.. no joke! this is not some elaborate story to hype it up, its just a really unique og, and i have no clue what it is, and i have run my fare share.

The snow lotus male is my current main man, he just does not throw out a bad hybrid, he is the star child of afgooey and a x19 leaning blockhead male (no sweetooth traits present) and lets the female

traits pass through in a cross while uping the size, frost, and potency.This is a new line that is currently in testing. these are limited pre release packs.
These seed projects were made in an organic biodynamic growing environment with the utmost care, respect, meditation, and good vibes, using the best parental selections from a small but amazing gene pool. may all your dreams come true and all your seeds sprout.

Genetics: green curry og x snowlotus
Flowering Time: Medium
Height: Medium
Characteristics: zesty chesty dopey high magik

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